Photo Upload Form

Section 1: Upload Form

High Resolution photo requirements: Aspect Ratio = 3:2, Width: 3500px (min.), DPI: 300 MLS Resolution photo requirements: Aspect Ratio = 4:3, Dimensions: 640x480px, DPI: 72
Staging Issues on Arrival:
Issues that slowed down start of photoshoot.

Section 2: FAQ

Q. What format and resolution is needed for photos?

  • We require two sets of photos: High Resolution and MLS Resolution.

    • High Resolution: 3500x2333px (3:2 aspect ratio) and 300 DPI.

    • MLS Resolution: 640x480px (4:3 aspect ratio) and 72 DPI.

      • Tip: batch crop your High Resolution photos to the settings required for MLS Resolution photos. Contact if you require a video tutorial.

  • Photos need to be sent as JPEGs.

Q. How should I share files?

  • Most common ways we get files shared to us include:

    • Google Drive

    • Dropbox

    • WeTransfer

  • Get the shareable link to your cloud folder and input it into the form on this webpage.

Q. Landscape vs portrait mode - which one?

  • Landscape (horizontal) mode for all photos

  • Portrait (vertical) mode for small and/or narrow areas. Examples: powder bathroom, exterior of a home that is narrow, master closet

Q. How quickly do we need the photos?

  • Same day. The faster the better - our clients appreciate the consistently speedy delivery and return back to us and refer their friends, which in turn results in more listings, which is good for all.

  • If you are unable to deliver same day, please give advance notice.

  • Some clients require rush. In this case, you will be compensated $10 to delivery as soon as possible (still same day, ideally evening of the same day).

Q. How many photos are required?

  • 30 or more photos for most listings. Please be comprehensive - our clients appreciate our thoroughness with respect to photographing the best areas and angles.

  • In some cases, the client will request you not to photograph exteriors, amenities, and/or certain rooms in the house/unit. In the case where there is realistically not many areas and angles to photograph, it is appropriate to deliver less than 30 photos.

    • Tip: show photos directly from your camera to the client before leaving if you have the time.

Q. What do I do if I am asked about virtual tour or feature sheets or some other service?

  • Direct the client to contact Property Pandas at

Q. Clarity or brightness - what's more important?

  • First priority is clarity, second priority is brightness.

    • It is important that photos do not look “grainy” or washed out.

Q. Should I shoot in HDR?

  • Most areas/rooms are best captured through HDR, such as for example, rooms with windows.

  • In some cases, it is better not to use HDR, especially in small areas/rooms, such as for example, powder bathrooms.

Q. How should I organize/name my photos?

  • Organize/name your photos using a logical flow. Imagine if someone was going to tour the house.

  • Detached/semi-detached/townhouse flow: 1) front exterior, 2) main floor, 3) Upstairs, 4) Basement, 5) Back Exterior

  • Condo/apartment flow: 1) front exterior, 2) lobby, 3) unit, 4) amenities.

Q. What if I can't get into the condo/apartment amenities?

  • Try your best but we understand that security may prohibit access.

Q. Lights on or off?

  • Lights on for every room. Just remember to turn off the lights (and any heat/AC) before exiting the premise.

Q. Should I help clean or move?

  • Moving something small (e.g. a tea towel) is ok but you are 100% within your right to reject any cleaning or moving requests. If you clean or move something and it breaks, then the agent may hold you liable.

  • It is the agent's responsibility to have the home 100% ready before you arrive.

Q. What do I do if the house is not ready upon my arrival?

  • If the home is not ready within 15 minutes upon your arrival, you are within your right to exercise the re-shoot clause.

  • There are two types of delays: reasonable and unreasonable. A reasonable delay for example, is you arrive at 12:00PM, the agent is finishing up doing last minute staging on the home and gives you the go-ahead to photograph at 12:18PM. We trust you will exercise best judgement given the situation. When in doubt, please contact our Information Desk at

  • When you exercise re-shoot clause, you will be compensated $25 (plus travel fee if any). You will also be first selection after re-shoot date has been determined.