Photo Upload Form

Section 1: Upload Form

High Resolution photo requirements: Aspect Ratio = 3:2, Width: 3500px (min.), DPI: 300 MLS Resolution photo requirements: Aspect Ratio = 4:3, Dimensions: 640x480px, DPI: 72
Staging Issues on Arrival:
Issues that slowed down start of photoshoot.

Section 2: FAQ

Q. What is the best way to share?
A. Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer are most preferred methods as they are the simplest.  Share one link that directs us to two folders (containing High Res and MLS Res photos) or to a zip file which contains both High and MLS res photos.

Q. What format do you want the pictures?

Q. Should I shoot horizontal, vertical or both?
A. Horizontal only.

Q. What do you need in High Res pictures?
A. High Res photos need to be 3500x2333px, which is a 3:2 aspect ratio. The DPI needs to be 300. This is ideal setting for our client's printing needs.

Q.  What do you need in MLS Res pictures?
A. MLS Res photos need to be 640x480px, which is 4:3 aspect ratio. The DPI needs to be 72. This is the ideal setting for uploading to MLS. The best way to create MLS Res photos quickly is to batch crop. Because MLS Res is 4:3 aspect and High Res is 3:2 aspect, some parts of the picture will get cut off in the low res, but that is out of our control. If you have any questions, please email or contact Enan (647-204-3033,

Q. How quickly do we need the photos?
A. Photos need to be sent the same day. The faster the better - the agents that come to us rely on our speed and efficiency and that's what keeps them coming back - so you can keep getting more listings. The faster you are, the better we are, the more you listings you get.  If you are not able to deliver same day, please give advance notice.

Q. How many shots do I need to take?
A. We require a minimum of 30 shots. This shouldn't be an issue for most listings. But sometimes you will be at a condo where you are not granted access to amenities and the unit is very small. In that scenario, take different angles of the same room and take additional photos of the exterior building, greenery and nearby space. You are not expected to travel far from the shoot location to get these extra shots.  

Q. What do I do if I am asked about virtual tour or feature sheets or something else I am not aware of?
A. Always direct the agent back to Property Pandas. Remind the agent you are the professional photographer and your aim is to deliver high quality photos and any questions they have about products and services can be directed to

Q. Do I need to use a wide angle lens?
A. Absolutely. Always shoot with wide angle lens.

Q. Do I need to use a tripod?
A. Most of the time you should because it creates a better picture because it eliminates any risk of a shaky hand and keeps a uniform height throughout. But sometimes the shot is better done by hand such as a small bathroom.

Q. What's more important: clarity or brightness?
A. Clarity first, brightness second. Clarity refers to picture quality and having a clear photo is most important. If there is too much 'grain' because of the camera ISO settings, then agents will be unhappy. Brightness can be corrected later using photo editing software but clarity cannot. HDR technique is very good for getting clarity.

Q. Should I shoot in HDR?
A. Some scenes are best shot in HDR, especially rooms with windows. Small scenes are best shot without HDR such as a powder bathroom. When unsure, take both and review on your laptop/computer and you'll adapt next time. Agents love a good HDR photo done right!

Q. How should I be ordering my photos?
A. For detached/semi-detached/townhouse homes, photos are best ordered from front of the house, to main floor, to upstairs, to basement then backyard.  For condos/apartments, photos are best ordered from front of the building, to lobby, to unit, to amenities.

Q. What if I can't get into the condo/apartment amenities?
A. Try your best to get into amenities (e.g. gym, pool, sauna) but we understand security can prohibit access.

Q. Lights on or off?
A. Lights on always when shooting. After the shoot remember to turn the lights off.

Q. Should I help clean or move?
A. Moving something small (e.g. a tea towel) here and there is ok but you are 100% within your right to reject any cleaning or moving requests. If you clean or move something and it breaks, then the agent may hold you liable.  It is the agent's responsibility to have the home 100% ready before you show. The reality is sometimes you have to work around this and take the best possible shots with the obstacles you have in front of you.

Q. What do I do if the house is not ready upon my arrival?
A. If the home is not ready within 15 minutes upon your arrival, you are within your right to exercise the re-shoot clause.  As per PP's terms and services, if the home is not ready within 15 minutes of your arrival (assuming you arrive on-time), then they will risk the possibility of the you leaving and a re-shoot to occur.  If the agent/owner has an issue, you should not entertain such conversations and should redirect them back to PP.  We at PP are here to mediate such situations so that you do not have to deal with it.  If the agent/owner asks you shoot 'what you can' because you 'are already here' then you can either redirect them back to Property Pandas or let them know that you do not do partial shoots.  It is either a full shoot or no shoot at all.

You are all exceptional professionals and customer service is important to you and us. But there are reasonable delays, and unreasonable delays. As you always do, continue to exercise good judgement. This means that if it takes 20 minutes (5 minutes more than the 15 minute limit) and the agent is honestly trying his/her hardest, and you have the flexibility in time that day, consider accommodating. When you exercise re-shoot clause, you will be compensated $25 (plus travel fee if any). You will then be first selection after re-shoot date has been determined.